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Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill

The Toby Keith's, I Love This Bar & Grill restaurant I visited is located inside the WinStar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma, just a couple of miles north of the Red River border with Texas on I-35. When you enter you feel like a winner. Something about the place makes you want to cozy up to the bar and sit a spell. A gigantic American Flag is a backdrop to the bar area. If you glance around as people wander in and spot the flag, you can see them tip their ballcap or cowboy hat in respect. Bigger-than-life-size photographs hang on the walls featuring Toby Keith and his guitar entertaining the troops.

Look to the left, and on the wall hangs the entire half of a Sheriff's pick-up truck. Don't worry; you are not seeing things; the pick-up is really there.

The southern drawl of the server makes the welcoming experience even more down-home country feeling. The customers seated around the horseshoe shape designed bar interact with each other. Strangers become friends, and laughter rings in the air. I am sure if Toby Keith were there, he would have been pleased.

We were having a mini family reunion, and the Winstar Casino was the halfway point. Having lunch together was our first order of business. Trying to keep my calories and carb count down, I ordered the salmon and vegetables. The salmon is full of flavor. It is an absolute pleasure to your taste buds. The broccoli is spiced precisely right, and you will think you have hit the jackpot when the flavors burst in your mouth.

If you love salad, at Toby Keith's, the salads are a sure bet. The bowl of lettuce and vegetables is fresh and crisp.

Toby Keith's has you covered if you are hankering for a chicken fried steak smothered in cream gravy. You get so much steak it would feed a whale. It is made with real round steak and properly tenderized. The gravy is excellent, and the cornbread is southern style, just like mama used to make. The chicken-fried steak and all the fixins could even make the Pit Boss smile.

Hungry for a great prime rib sandwich and a cold beer? When you are at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill; you are in the right seat. If you are lucky, like my son, you might just end up in a matter of minutes with double or nothing in your pockets. He turned a twenty into a hundred and sixteen dollars in a slot machine as he was walking from the restroom back to the restaurant to finish his juicy prime rib sandwich.

Toby Keith's, I Love This Bar & Grill gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy rating.

For more information, check at their website at

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