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Top Ten Groovy Restaurants for Senior Citizens in OKC and Edmond

The top ten list of groovy restaurants for Senior Citizens is your guide for dining enjoyment. This could possibly be the first ever list of its kind for us seniors. These restaurants received a groovy rating from Shelley Malicote Stutchman and Neil Johnson, the creators of Medicare Jet-Setters. Staying active and having new adventures helps keep dementia, depression, and poor health at bay. Medicare Jet-Setters is Shelley and Neil's way of giving back to our generation of seniors by providing reasons to continue to Get Up and Go. Pretty groovy, huh? Neil and Shelley believe we are too full of life to let all the cool places be just for the young.

Requirements to get a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Rating

· Must be physically easy to enter.

· Acoustics must be suitable to be able to have a conversation.

· Service and Products must be outstanding.

· Non-smoking

· Comfortable seating

#10: Around the Corner: 11 S. Broadway, Edmond, Ok. 73034

For an authentic old-fashioned diner experience, visit Around the Corner. Our server even had the 1950's attitude about customer service. She smiled at us, kept our coffee cups full, and suggested we try their dripping with butter and homemade goodness, cinnamon rolls. Around the Corner is a groovy breakfast destination.

#9: Sparrow Modern Italian Restaurant: 507 North Blvd, Edmond, OK 73034

When you get up and go to the Sparrow, you need to try the garlic knots. This gooey, cheesy, buttery, and bubbling bread comes in a cast-iron skillet. These garlic knots are pure naughtiness.

#8: PF Chang's: 13700 N. Pennsylvania Ave, OKC, OK. 73134

The atmosphere at P.F. Chang's is very relaxing and Zen like. It is a great place to unwind and disconnect from your busy life. The Kung Pao Shrimp has just the right amount of spice to make it attention-grabbing, but not so much it overpowered the dish.

#7 Bellini's Ristorante & Grill 6305 Waterford Blvd, OKC, OK

Bellini's has a groovy happy hour. They feature yummy appetizers and drinks. Best of all the servings are not skimpy. You get a generous size portion of whatever you order. Enjoy their happy hour, and you will leave with your tummy full, and your wallet will be happy too.

#6 Paseo Grill: 2909 Paseo, OKC, OK.73103

The sheer curtains parted, and it felt like we were about to walk into a world of fantasy. What was behind those billowy curtains, I wondered? What adventure awaited us? We had stepped into the world of Paseo Grill. The mushroom soup is a must-have gastronomic delight. For a romantic evening with fantastic food, get up and go to Paseo Grill.

#5 The Lounge: Kitchen + Cocktails: 3601 E. 2nd St. Edmond, OK 73034

Are you looking for the grooviest of groovy and the coolest of cool places to eat and drink? The Lounge is an adult-only venue with the classic Hollywood style of a bygone era. Chef Josh's Smoked Gouda Burger is habit-forming. It consists of smoked gouda, thick-cut bacon, caramelized onions, tomato, arugula, and peppered garlic aioli. The Lounge is locally owned and operated. The adult-only venue makes it perfect when you want to go out for a memorable evening.

#4 Bistro 22: 1417 E Danforth Rd, Edmond, OK 73034

"Oh là là," slipped out of my mouth the moment I stepped inside Bistro Twenty Two. Had we been transported to Paris? Not only is the service, drinks, and food outstanding, but their attitude toward humankind is also groovy. We ordered the best French Onion Soup ever! That is when we learned their experienced chefs' layer the soup. The different characteristics and flavors are highlighted depending on where the chef layers the ingredients to prepare the soup—Head for Bistro 22 for a taste experience beyond what words can describe.

#3 Hefner Grill: 9201 Lake Hefner Pkwy, OKC, OK.

Not only is the food outstanding, the view breathtaking, and the service extraordinary, but Hefner Grill also has a big heart. I went to Hefner Grill to ask them about a possible discount on the Key Lime Pie. I explained to them we had a Hospice patient whose wish was to enjoy their pie once again. Without hesitation, their answer was, "We are honored to provide the Key Lime Pie. No cost to you. Our gift to her." Try their Key Lime Pie and know you are supporting a company that cares about people. We enjoy their Sunday morning brunch. The Peach Bellini is a delicious way to start a lazy Sunday.

#2 S & B Burger Joint: 14020 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73134.

S& B'S musical choices will be one of the first things you love at this hangout. They truly bridge the generation gap. The volume is loud enough for you to rock out and soft enough for conversation. My forty-something son ordered an avocado burger. The server came back and told us they were out of avocados, and since it was on the menu the least, they could do was give us our second choice free. Am I impressed with this customer service? You can bet your avocado I am. For one of the best burgers in town and great music, S & B Burger Joint is groovy.

#1 Cheever's: 2409 N. Hudson Ave, OKC, OK 73103

For the best chicken fried steak that will give you a feeling of heavenly bliss, Cheever's is your place. A side of jalapeno cream gravy and garlic red-skinned mashed potatoes complement the dish. For excellent service, a building with a history, and the best food in town, go to Cheever's.

Thank you, Caregivers Magazine, for the opportunity to share our tried and tested restaurants in OKC and Edmond that are senior citizen-friendly. All the top ten met the Medicare Jet-Setters requirements to receive a groovy rating.

Check out more Medicare Jet-Setter reviews on FaceBook at Medicare Jet-Setters | Facebook or on our website at

Stay groovy and get up and go!

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