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Total Wine & More in Plano, Texas

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Disneyland for adults describes Total Wine & More in Plano, Texas. When you enter the doors, reflections of light bounce off the crystal bottles of liquor and wine, and your heart may skip a beat or two. You have just entered a fantasy world for wine lovers.

Total Wine is comparable in size to Wal-Mart. However, the experience is totally different. People help you find what you want and what you didn’t know you wanted. The Total Wine staff is knowledgeable and will spend time answering your questions. You can also request a personal wine concierge to help you with your selections. Total Wine is like being at wine school. The staff loves teaching about wine and suggesting ones you may like. They have all price ranges and never try to push you to spend more than you are comfortable paying.

Total Wine is a fun atmosphere. Everyone is upbeat, and the staff is smiling. The customers feel an instant bond between them and the other shoppers due to their love of wine. The tasting booths are located strategically throughout the store. The person that hands you a sample also gives you a mini-lesson on what you are tasting.

They also have cool bar accessories, beautiful glasses, gourmet foods, and plenty of whimsical items to add to your cart.

Total Wine makes a great adventure with friends as you ooh and ahh while you are shopping at this Disneyland for grownups. Just remember, if you go when the weather is hot, do not leave your wine in the trunk of your car for long periods. When a bottle of wine gets hot, the liquid expands. The heat places pressure on the cork. When a sticky residue develops outside of the cork, that means heat damage. The wine that is exposed becomes cooked; this means stewed or baked notes replace the fruit flavors. Another thing that can happen if the cork expands and contracts is that it can let oxygen into the bottle, and your wine will take on a flavor of bruised apple notes.

Once we all feel comfortable getting out and about again, check out Total Wine. Please note, they are closed on Sunday. There are several Total Wines in Texas.

Total Wine gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Rating.

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