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Two for One Wednesday

Two for One Wednesday

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

What happens when I want to share two experiences from the last seven days? The only thing that can happen, I write two stories.

Okmulgee, the Party Town

Around this time every year, Okmulgee revs up to play, eat as much chili as possible, and vote for the one they like the most. Scott Fetgatter and the Fat Cats made Okmulgee rock. We are a small town with big talent, lots of foot tapping, and some street dancing broke out all over downtown Okmulgee.

I had a chance to sit in a chili booth with a group of my friends and take a break while watching people give a big yum to their chili contribution. Then back with my granddaughter Tiffney and her fiancé Anthony, at the Humane Association area, where I am delighted to report that several dogs and their people found one another. It was heartwarming to watch the dogs find their forever homes and sad for the dogs still waiting.

If one picture is worth a thousand words, check out the pictures of the chill festival

Vampires or Robin Hood

Ever since COVID, the blood banks have been dealing with critical shortages of lifesaving blood. The workers are the nicest, hardest-working blood suckers anyone could ever hope to meet. These dedicated ladies make donating blood easy and very close to painless. Kim signed me in despite not making an appointment. I didn't have to wait at all. I couldn't help noticing her beautiful grape-colored nail polish, but she was the one who complimented my jewelry. Although professional and on topic, it felt as though we were having a friendly chat. I was impressed.

She handed me off to Alba, who took my blood while treating me like royalty. I had a slight reaction, and she took care of me above and beyond with cold packs, food, drink, and lots of personal care. I was so grateful to her for her kindness and for getting me going again in very little time. These two became my favorite vampires dressed in scrubs instead of capes and not scary at all.

I will never meet the Robin Hoods, but I know they are out there saving lives. Every time I donate, I think of my husband, who needed large amounts of blood. That blood helped him to feel better and live longer. I hope my blood does the same for someone else.

Here are some of the things that don't stop you from donating.

*The COVID booster shot.

* Actually, having had COVID.

* Surviving many but not all forms of cancer.

* Also, after a short wait, you can donate if you have been exposed to another person's blood.

*Had a tattoo, but they will ask you where you got it to be assured the place is on their approved list (I think).

Donating blood is one of the few times it doesn't change your bank account, and you get treats and a tee-shirt.

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