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V Wine Lounge

V Wine Lounge Palm Springs, California

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Rating

Have you ever wanted to be able to time-travel? You can. Go to the V Wine Lounge in Palm Springs, California. The V Wine Lounge is vintage fifties and sixties. I think I spotted Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack sitting at a table a few feet from our group.

The owner of both the V Wine Lounge Palm Springs and the V Wine Room, West Hollywood, is Mikey Consbruck. Mikey welcomes everyone with open arms. Are you well versed in wine? If so, dig deep into the details about the grapes, the winery’s, and the winemaker with Mikey. If you do not know anything except that you like red or white, Mikey will help you feel comfortable exploring the world of wines. Mikey brings people together, one sip at a time.

When COVID-19 settles down, and California laws will allow you to go inside again, have Mikey show you the Larry and Connie Room. Larry and Connie are his parents. He created a room that copies their living room from 1969. Back then, his parents purchased their furniture at a farm sale. Mikey was able to track down almost the exact pieces to create this classic room to relax in. There is even a seven-foot-tall mannequin, named Vivian, sitting on the couch to keep you company.

The V Wine Lounge also has a shag room. Yes, you guessed it. It has a shag carpet. When I asked Mikey about the fifties-sixties theme throughout the lounge, he said, “The nostalgia of the V Wine Lounge is my love letter to Palm Springs.”

Mikey explained that Palm Springs was at its most popular in the fifties and sixties. He shared that in those years, the movie stars had contracts with the studios that stated they were not allowed to be more than two hours away from the location. The royalty of the movie industry came to play in Palm Springs while honoring their contract stipulation. Palm Springs happened to be the farthest away they could go, so it became the playland for the Rich and Famous.

Inside the V Wine Lounge is also an area for private parties. This area also is outfitted with furniture from the fifties and sixties.

Mikey does not miss a detail. On one wall, he has painted a yellow umbrella and wine pouring down. This backdrop is the picture-perfect spot to take a selfie. If you hold your glass precisely right, your photo will look like wine is filling it to overflowing. Of course, Luana Ash and I had to strike a pose. She got her glass placed in the right spot. Check the pictures below.

May I suggest when you visit, listen closely to what Mikey says. He is full of wisdom and hope. You never know when he is going to say something that creates an aha moment. An example is when I was talking with him about how COVID-19 has made business challenging. He looked at me and said, “It is part of life and all its curveballs.”

Besides having great wine, Mikey made me rethink how I handle negative things that come into my life. Instead of stewing, I will remember his advice and know those curveballs are temporary, and some good straight fast pitches will come my way.

One of the rules in California during COVID is you cannot just order a drink. You must have food with it as well. Mikey has a fantastic charcuterie platter. It is a piece of art worthy of photographing. His creation is full of savory, mouth-watering morsels. Not only does Mikey know wines, but he also knows cheese. On the board was assembled cheese from France, Mountain Cheese from Switzerland, aged cheese from Spain, and Blue Cheese. Mikey will take the time to explain the cheese as expertly as he explains the wines. Mikey knows which wine pairs well with each cheese. He said the best way to understand how food and wine pair is to sip a taste of the wine, then let a piece of the cheese melt on your tongue. By allowing the cheese to linger on your tongue, the oils of the cheese will merge with your taste buds. Next, put both a piece of the cheese and a sip of the wine together in your mouth. Wait a moment for the magic to happen. Both the cheese and the wine together in your mouth make an even better flavor than just either alone. There are also meats, figs, nuts, a habanero jam, and a variety of other gourmet delights on the platter.

David Meagher sat across from me on this adventure. He is a CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine.) This certification is widely recognized and regarded by the international wine and spirits industry. I focused my camera one more time on the charcuterie board when I heard David say, “I’m sorry. I thought you finished photographing. I ate a piece of cheese. It is good. I couldn’t wait any longer.” With that statement, we all dug in.

With a few glasses of wine enjoyed and food in front of us, the conversation flowed. Brent Martin, also with our group, explained to me that Mikey had taught him something about cheddar cheese. “Do tell,” I encouraged. Brent explained that the longer a cheddar ages, the sharper it becomes. Tonight, was an evening of learning about being a foodie. Then Erik Gerard provided the table with humor and laughs. Brent explained that comic relief is Erik’s specialty.

Mikey suggested we try a Kita Wine. He explained to us the only female Native American winemaker in the country, Terra Gomez, is the producer of Kita wines.

The word “Kita” means “Our Valley Oak” in the Santa Ynez Chumash native language of Samala. The focus of Kita wines is the balance of soil, climate, location, and taste. Kita Winery produces its wines in small batches for minimal manipulation and maximizing varietal characteristics. The winery is in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley.

Mikey brought us the Cabernet Sauvignon. I do not remember the year. However, I do remember the burst of fruit flavors on my tongue and the lengthy finish. This elegant wine was perfect for our night in Palm Springs at the V Wine Lounge.

David Meagher and I talked at length about wines. I said to him, “Between you and Mikey, I don’t feel like I know anything about wines, and I thought I was reasonably knowledgeable.”

I sipped a Txomin Etxaniz. The grape itself is called txakolina and it is a white wine. It is a wine from Spain and perfect for a summer evening. I shared with David what I was tasting. I did not get a single ingredient correct. I felt embarrassed until David said, “There is no wrong answer as to what you taste in the wine. It is what you get out of it.”

David’s response put me at ease to ask more questions. He went on to explain that a person figures out the wine more from the bouquet than from drinking it.

As this beautiful evening progressed on the patio of the V Wine Lounge, my knowledge of wine kept growing. I wish I could remember everything David and Mikey told me that night. I do remember that David said, “With wine, there is always more to learn.”

Mikey left me with this beautiful piece to wisdom to carry in my heart. He looked me in the eye, raised his wine glass, and said, “Every day, it is important to find something to celebrate. Celebrate your daily life in an extraordinary way with a glass of good wine and a good friend.”

The V Wine Lounge in Palm Springs gets a groovy Medicare Jet-Setters rating.

Special thanks to Keith Martin for contributing some of the beautiful photo shots for this review.

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