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What do those earrings mean?

What do those earrings mean?

By MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Shelley Malicote Stutchman is much more than my boss at Medicare Jetsetters. She is my precious little sister. We have taken care of one another in times of need sin

ce we were adults. When Shelley’s eye surgery went south, I felt a need to do something to help. But sometimes, there is nothing that can be done beyond sending heartfelt requests for healing her way.

After the damage had been repaired and we were sure the sight in her left eye would return, I wanted to do something special for her to celebrate. I went to Amazon for inspiration and searched for eye jewelry. Not only did I find the perfect gift, which after Shelley sees it will not be a surprise when it arrives. But I learned a lot about the meaning of the charms on Jewelry.

We have all seen jewelry with charms that feature a single eye called the eye of Horus or the evil eye. Sometimes it is called Wadjet. The eye itself is not evil but protection against evil. It is said to be symbolic of protection, health, and rejuvenation. It also makes some very pretty jewelry.

Following the eye jewelry, I saw some darling pieces that had the bee symbol on them. I looked up its meaning as well. In Christianity, the bee is seen as the attribute of Jesus. The honey reflects his sweet and gentle nature, while its sting represents the cross. The bee also symbolizes rebirth and order in their well-organized hive and care for the baby bees.

If you have firefly charms on your jewelry, you have the symbol of illumination. The light of the firefly is said to bring people to their true homeland and a life that is complete. It also is the symbol of an exceptional person because it shines from the inside out, showing its inner beauty, just like a compassionate person.

Some graceful Koi fish earrings tempted me as I looked through the many selections of jewelry. Those $5.00 beauties are going to go great with lightweight summer clothing. Interesting jewelry temps me; the same way candy is irresistible to a child. Knowing their symbolism will make them even more fun to wear. I will be reminded that the Koi symbolizes courage, abundance, nonconformity, and luck.

There were some lovely lotus flower earrings with symbolism depending on their color. White Lotus, coined as the womb of the world, is symbolic of fertility and wealth. Red Lotus is the symbol of compassion and love. The yellow lotus is the symbol of enlightenment and spiritual ascension. The Blue lotus is the symbol of soul and mindfulness.

What do earrings mean gets a groovy Medicare Jet-Setter groovy rating.

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