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What's on Your List for 2022

What's on Your List for 2022

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Some things can leave me with a smile for hours. Other things make me want to growl. Some are important to my life, but others even make me wonder why I bother to notice. Here is my list. Are some of them on your list? This year I will try to be more courteous.

1-I will love the world a little better when someone gives me a traffic courtesy such as staying back so I can turn into a lane or giving me a wave for a courtesy given to them.

2-Speaking of driving, my face will turn red, and my blood pressure will go up if someone tailgates me. My attitude about this is completely unreasonable. This year I will try to control my temper over this small thing.

3-Because COVID happened before I got to know anyone well in my new hometown, it is a treat when someone who knows me gives a wave or says hi when they see me in public. This year I will try to notice when someone is alone in a group and introduce myself.

4-When I ask someone if my item is ready yet and they always say it just got off the grill, then bring me cold food, which happened recently, I will remember so many places are short-staffed and doing the best they can.

5- I got up early to have my nails done quickly and get on with my hectic day. The manicurist wasn't quite ready even though they were open when I got there. I was first on the list, and she started working on my nails. However, other people were waiting, so she took my old polish off and started on someone else. I quickly realized I was going to be in for a long wait. I paid her and left, telling her that was good enough. I even smiled, but what I was thinking would make a sailor blush. This year I will try to remember there are much more important things in the world than small inconveniences. Wish me luck on that one; I am going to need it.

6- I love it when people keep me informed about what is going on that involves the people I care about or me. This year I plan to be sure that I keep others informed in the same manner.

7- I hate it when…, Worse, I keep strong feelings about it when people don't tell me important and serious things that happen to people I love for my own good. It is not their place to make decisions about it. Yes, I might do something foolish like driving distracted or reckless. I might expose myself to something that could give me nightmares, but that decision needs to be my own and not anyone else's. I am not some delicate flower. This year I plan to work on letting go of those strong feelings for things that can't be changed.

8- I love it when someone recommends a good book or gives me a recommendation on an easier way to do something. I especially love it when someone asks me if I want help with a problem, especially if it is computer-related. I have always been convinced that anything that needs to be plugged in or motor started hates me. This year I plan to show my gratitude with the heartfelt appreciation that I have.

9- I hate it when someone gives me advice, wanted or unwanted, and then expects me to follow it, even if that advice doesn't work for me. Advice is to help, not command. If it is unused, chances are it was considered, appreciated but also rejected. This year, If I have expertise in an area where someone needs help, I will offer to help but not feel hurt if they don't want that help or reject it. What is right for me isn't right for everyone.

10- I love it when someone notices I am not entering into conversation and tries to include me. Family and friends know that I can't hear if there is background noise, but those who aren't aware of my hearing difficulties and try to include me are indeed offering an act of kindness, and it is deeply appreciated. This year I will try to notice when someone could use a little extra attention and be there for them if I can.

11- I hate it when I tell people that I am hearing impaired and they make a joke about selective hearing or how they can't hear very well either, then get irritated when after I ask them to repeat what they say more than once and they respond with "Oh, never mind." This year I plan to try and remember that they don't understand the degree of my problem and stop the minute of feeling poor me that comes with the remark.

I hope you have a groovy New Year and stay healthy.

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