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While Depression is Contagious, so is Happiness

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Photo's by Willow LaMunyon

Christmas brings its special magic just a few days after the days start to grow longer. The lengthening days are recorded in minutes and go unnoticed as we admire the many holiday lights. Those lights turn the nights into a fairyland and replace the many colors of autumn. We have exchanged our sweaters and jackets for heavy coats and gloves, but somehow the glamor of Christmas keeps us warm enough to spend time outside for a festival of lights or two and a cup of hot chocolate or cider.

There are many reasons to celebrate this time of year; spiritual reasons, the gathering of families, giving to a charity that which is needed, the giving to loved ones that which is wanted, just to party or just to remember, and finding reasons to go outdoors before the cold makes even a run to our cars miserable.

Christmas is often called the happiest time of year and with good reasons for many of us. We set aside our problems, letting them go more and more easily as we move from the first of December until the twenty-fifth day of the month has passed.

Not everyone finds the happiness of the holidays, which shouldn't be ignored. Sometimes burdens are so tightly bound to us that we can't put them down, or memories are too terrifying or beautiful to be able to put the events of now on top of them. Give these people a little extra caring and honor their wishes not to be reminded of Christmas while not allowing yourself to be infected with their sadness. The cliche that states easier to say than do fits here. While depression is contagious, so is happiness. Spread your joy to all who can accept it.

January will be here soon enough, and although winter is at the bottom of the four seasons for popularity, it has much to say for it. Snow for those who love it and the delight of school closings for kids has appeal. Leafless trees and foggy days have a mystery about them that hints of the birth of spring; even as the snow falls or the ice freezes everything, pansies flourish, and bits of greenery that will become an iris, or daffodils, or crocus start to pop up, reminding us that there are many of nature's miracles happening among the leafless trees and gray skies.

Now is the time to celebrate the holidays, exchange gifts, forget our troubles, and watch those smarmy Hallmark shows, but when it is over, keep on celebrating and give every day and every season their due for their wonder.

Happy every day to our Medicare Jetsetters.

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